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Raised on the waters of the Atlantic Captain Paul Spencer began working as an offshore mate at the early age of 12 years. Seven years later he acquired a Captain's License and earned a living fishing charters and tournaments until 1996.

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At that time Captain Paul decided to try his hand at boat building. He began the endeavor by expanding upon his personal experience of functional necessities in conjunction with desired style. He also drew upon pioneers in the "Carolina Style" of boat building. The Result......A Legend Is Born.

We have two main facilities: A hull is constructed in Manns Harbor then transported to Wanchese for completion.

Manns Harbor, N.C.-- Home to five bays reserved entirely for new hull construction, where cold molding method is used.

Wanchese, N.C.-- Houses six more construction bays and 12 docking slips to enable rapid completion of your hull. Also located on site, an in house paint shop, a metal machine shop, and a carpenter's shop to accommodate your custom specifications.