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Sea Ray was founded in 1959 by C.N. “Connie” Ray when he bought a small fiberglass shop in Detroit that made (among other products) a 16-foot family runabout. Sensing that the future in boating was in fiberglass, by the early 1960s Ray had concentrated on boatbuilding exclusively and was soon offering a line of small cruisers and sportboats. The 1970s saw Sea Ray emerge as a powerhouse in the boating industry, and by the early 1980s Sea Ray had become the second-largest production builder (behind Bayliner) in the industry. When Ray sold the company to the Brunswick Corp. in 1986 (for a cool $350 million), Sea Ray was selling around 14,000 boats a year ranging in size from an 18-foot runabout to an industry-leading 39-foot express cruiser. The acquisition of Sea Ray made Brunswick the world's largest producer of pleasure boats, twice the size of the nearest competitor. Based in Knoxville, TN, Sea Ray is by far the leading brand of boats in the U.S.

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LOA       Manufacturer           Year          List Price                   Sold Price               Location

65'        Sea Ray                  2015        $1,299,900 (10/19)   $1,145,000 (01/20)  FL, USA

65'        Sea Ray                  2015        $1,619,000 (05/19)   $1,500,000 (02/20)  FL, USA

60'        Sea Ray                  2010        $752,600 (10/19)      $639,710 (12/19)     FL, USA

54'        Sea Ray                  2015        $899,900 (12/18)      $785,000 (10/19)     TN, USA

54'         Sea Ray                 2015        $749,000 (03/19)      $646,000 (10/19)     FL, USA

52'         Sea Ray                 2008        $539,900 (10/19)      $456,000 (12/19)     FL, USA

52'         Sea Ray                 2007        $534,900 (09/18)      $510,000 (10/19)     VA, USA

52'         Sea Ray                 2007        $324,900 (06/19)      $250,000 (12/19)     FL, USA