Sanlorenzo Yachts For Sale

For over 50 years, Sanlorenzo has crafted tailor-made motor yachts respecting the style and needs of their owners. Each Sanlorenzo is the product of a 5-stage customisation process. Our priority is to listen to our customer’s needs. It allows us to develop a project based on a plan of that customer’s personalized space. The project identifies the number, the size, and the types of cabins. It also delineates special-purpose areas, whose function is to satisfy the customer’s specific entertainment, relaxation or fun needs. Building a Sanlorenzo boat is a skillful and elaborate process, which gives life to something that is as unique as each one of our customers. Our boats are elite, beyond trends, and built around our customer needs. Our Yachts are not just gorgeous boats. They are the outward expression of our customer's style and personality. They are places where our clients can express all their elegance and exclusivity. Each Sanlorenzo motor yacht is as unique as a work of art, and every Sanlorenzo has its own story to tell; let it tell yours.

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LOA    Manufacturer       Year              List Price                  Sold Price             Location

120'   Sanlorenzo          2017        $13,091,190 (09/18)   $9,350,850 (09/19)   Italy

112'   Sanlorenzo          2016        $10,450,000 (12/18)   $8,900,000 (06/19)   FL, USA

108'   Sanlorenzo          2006        $4.125,375 (07/13)     $3,300,300 (01/20)   France

106'   Sanlorenzo          2018        $8,650,000 (08/17)     $7,850,000 (12/19)   FL, USA

95'    Sanlorenzo           2015        $4,840,440 (10/17)     $4,125,375 (12/19)   Italy

94'    Sanlorenzo           2012        $4,400,000 (11/17)     $3,850,000 (11/19)   Italy

88'    Sanlorenzo           2018        $5,650,000 (09/17)     $5,350,000 (12/19)   FL, USA