Ocean Alexander Yachts For Sale

Ocean Alexander was founded in 1978 by Taiwan businessman Alexander Chueh. The company’s first boat, a 50-foot pilothouse yacht designed by naval architect Ed Monk, Jr, established the Alexander brand in the U.S. market. In the mid 1980s Ocean Alexander launched a series of contemporary motor yachts to meet the growing popularity of pilothouse boats. Ocean Alexander is notable in that the company marketed their boats under the company brand. (Note that many Taiwan builders in the 1980s and 1990s sold their boats to various importers who, in turn, marketed them under various names.) During the 1980s and 1990s Ocean Alexander directed its efforts to becoming a leader in the pilothouse motoryacht category. Ocean Alexander has long enjoyed an enthusiastic market in the Pacific Northwest. With over 30 years of experience and 1,500-plus vessels delivered, Ocean Alexander is one of the world’s major builders of production motoryachts.

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LOA        Manufacturer          Year            List Price              Sold Price           Location 

100'     Ocean Alexander      2018   $8,750,000 (12/18)  $7,995,000 (12/19)  FL, USA

90'       Ocean Alexander      2013   $4,495,000 (11/15)  $4,300,000 (08/19)  FL, USA

78'       Ocean Alexander      2014   $3,195,000 (06/19)  $2,850,000 (12/19)  FL, USA

70'       Ocean Alexander      2016   $2,895,000 (06/17)  $2,400,000 (09/19)  FL, USA

61'       Ocean Alexander      2004   $895,000 (04/19)     $825,000 (01/20)     WA, USA

54'       Ocean Alexander      2009   $585,000 (06/19)     $548,509 (10/19)     WA, USA

52'       Ocean Alexander      2005   $339,000 (05/18)     $305,000 (05/18)     CA, USA