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Offshore Yachts Fall/Fort Lauderdale Boat Show News

October 05, 2017

With the 2017 Ft. Lauderdale Boat Show coming up and starting on November 1st, which is a Wednesday, not the usual Thursday start day, Luke Brown Yachts and Offshore West have an excellent display of Offshore Yachts to get aboard, as well as our Offshore display tent.

We are fortunate to have the newly commissioned Offshore 80, "Let It Bee" in our new boat display and the owners will be available to discuss their new build experience with Offshore Yachts as well as many of the unique detail choices that they were involved with....They truly are to be credited with many great ideas that have created a very fresh and new look to the interior of the boat.

Our display tent will be next to "Let It Bee" at Bahia Mar South A/B 508 docks, and our brokerage Offshore 62 and 54 will be at our Luke Brown North display area at the Las Olas City Docks location at the North end of the boatshow.

In the upcoming new build and just delivered category, a new 76 Offshore was just delivered to South California and is being commissioned at the Offshore West office under the careful supervision of Rojo Lomeli, a name that Offshore owners have known for many years. Rojo's expertise is unmatched in our industry, and when he declares that a yacht is commissioned, complete and ready for the owners to cast off, believe me, it truly is!  Keep up the great work Rojo, we really appreciate what you do.

A second 76, destined for the Pacific Northwest, is well along in production and photos of that progress will be available soon.

In the larger Offshore Voyager category, the build of a new 90 has just started for the owner of an Offshore 80, who wanted a slightly larger and different interior configuration to meet the needs of his expanding cruising family...We appreciate that type of brand loyalty and welcome this owners input for his next Offshore yacht.

In conclusion, we look forward to seeing many present and potential Offshore owners at the show, and we hope to engage conversation between the groups, so come on down to the show and meet some of our best salespersons...Offshore owners who really appreciate their great yachts.



Steve Deane
Sales Broker, Offshore Yachts Brand Manager