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Ocean Alexander Has Re-Invented Itself Broker's Notes

October 04, 2017

If you were to compare the 2012 90’ Ocean Alexander MISS MICHELLE, to the 2015, 2016 and 2017 models, there is an incredible difference.  The company has focused on a new, more contemporary design, execution and quality rating.  They refer to this as their new DNA.

 After inspecting several vessels, I have to agree.  Although, I did see a bit of inconsistency in one model.  The construction is definitely stepped up quality-wise.  Flooring can be solid wood (in one boat, solid walnut from Kentucky) with a poly-carbon layer on the plywood, and then a layer of Soundown proofing.   All of the bulkheads have a marine aluminum I-beam over them for rigidity.  This same technique is used over the windows to prevent any movement.  Solid fiberglass hulls, decks and superstructure are cored, but no wood or any kind of balsa; all high density foam.  Use of cross-knit directional carbon fiber in high stress areas allow for added structural integrity and torsional strength.

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By Alan Bernard