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Freedom Waters Foundation Honors Jim Sacks and Ron McTighe

November 21, 2017

At last week’s East Coast Summit Freedom Waters Foundation’s Executive Director, Deborah Frankel and Board President Andrew Cilla, named Jim Sacks of Advantage Services and Ron McTighe of Luke Brown Yachts to their newly formed honorary board of directors.

Jim Sacks and the entire Advantage Services Team have worked relentlessly through the years, to provide the organization invaluable support in the areas of technology, organizational development and fund raising.  Keith Perfect, their Director of Web Development, serves as the foundations secretary.

Ron McTighe, an industry veteran has given the foundation endless support with their east coast programming and heading up our annual Marine Flea Market Fundraiser.  Ron, and a dozen other marine industry volunteers collect used marine equipment and resell it each year at the Dania Marine Flea Market.  This year it runs from March 1st thru March 4th.  If you have any equipment you would like to donate, please contact Luke Brown Yachts @ 954-525-6617.

Freedom Waters Foundation’s mission is to improve the lives of individuals with special needs and veterans by providing therapeutic marine related experiences on the waters of South Florida.

Through the invaluable support of all our volunteers and dedicated staff Freedom Water’s Foundation will provide 3,000 on water opportunities in 2017.