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Our sales and marketing approach, developed over 50 years, is proven and unique. We make it easy. Your selling price, time to close, and stress level will be determined by this decision: Which broker will best represent my interests?

Specialized Assistance Through The Sales Process

You deal with a specialist for your medical, legal, and other needs; it only makes sense to do the same when selling your boat. Rather than working with a broker who happens to be next in the rotation when you call, you will be matched with someone who is well versed in the type of boat you own and prepared to work harmoniously with you throughout the entire sales and marketing process.

We Match The Seller With The Best Broker

I will personally assist all sellers in selecting the most suitable Luke Brown broker based upon a number of criteria such as type and location of vessel, product knowledge, and chemistry between your Luke Brown broker and you. No two brokers are the same, and each has an area of expertise. Our brokers are recognized as some of the most experienced, knowledgeable, and respected in the industry.

We Help You Determine An Optimum Asking Price

Almost as important as choosing the right yacht broker is deciding the asking price for your vessel. "Leaving money on the table" or wasting valuable time maintaining a depreciating asset can be avoided through careful market analysis. Our "Vessel Price Analysis" will guide you through this important decision. In the end, you will save money, speed up the process, and maximize your sale price.

Aggressive Marketing Generates More Qualified Buyers

As your agent, we will adapt an aggressive, proven approach to promote your boat. We drive our results by using:

  • Over 50 websites worldwide
  • All major marine multiple listing services
  • Distribution of brochures etc. via email and direct mail
  • Advertising in major yachting publications
  • Attendance at boat shows and broker open houses
  • Exposure at exclusive Broker Open Houses

A Specific Plan

Rather than provide a new customer with a general overview of what we do to promote our listings, we will give you a specific marketing program which will identify exactly how your vessel will be promoted, including the number of monthly ads featuring your boat.

Our Experience Provides A Smooth Transaction And Closing

When a sale develops, you will have the benefit of a brain-trust second to none. Having been directly involved in every sale at Luke Brown over the past 50 years, I've literally "seen it all". Our experience, along with our excellent working relationships with all major closing agents, attorneys, and marine lenders guarantees that you will have a stress free process and a higher degree of success in selling your yacht.

Yachts Sold By LBY

BY THE #'s

  • 3072 - Number of vessels sold to date
  • 2 - Number of days between sales
  • 28 - Brokers medium years experience
  • 1969 - Year Established
  • 11 - Number of brokerage locations

Luke Brown Client Pledge

One important task a broker performs is to direct his client to the most qualified and competitively priced service providers. When a Luke Brown broker refers you to anyone in the industry, whether for insurance, financing, equipment, or repairs, he does so because he feels that a particular company or individual will best serve your needs. Luke Brown brokers do not accept finders 'fees, mark-ups or special gifts, so our judgment will never be affected by financial compensation. Moreover, should any compensation be suggested by a vendor, Luke Brown always requests that the savings be passed along to you, our client.

This unique company policy demonstrates a commitment to an ethical standard that sets Luke Brown apart from the rest.

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