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Established in 1987, Johnson Yachts Co., Ltd. has been manufactured and exported Custom yachts for nearly 30 years.We focus on custom design and build luxury motor yachts from 65 to 125 feet models with competitive pricing, to satisfy the needs of our clients worldwide. The brand Johnson Yachts uphold its name by post emphasizing on customer-oriented attitude and exceptional after-sales service in the global market, since then we've set sail of over 300 yachts worldwide. All Johnson models have been designed by world-renowned designer Bill Dixon design team, and the strength and durability of each astonishing yacht have been closely monitored under the reference of DNV standard. Take Johnson 87' for example, the designer brilliantly incorporated certain significant aspects of super mega yacht into his design; and with the distinctiveness that stood out, Johnson 87' quickly earned its spot in leading the market. Being the first in eastern Asia yacht building industry to successfully combined western design philosophy with eastern skillset; Johnson Yachts Co., Ltd. has since gained its popularity in the global market.

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LOA   Manufacturer          Year               List Price                  Sold Price               Location

108'  Johnson                 2016           $5,900,000 (05/18)  $5,550,000 (02/19)     FL, USA

87'   Johnson                  2003           $1,995,000 (09/17)  $1,750,000 (09/19)    FL, USA

87'   Johnson                  2004           $1,599,000 (03/19)  $1,300,000 (06/19)    FL, USA

58'   Johnson                  2000            $349,000 (01/19)    $305,000 (07/19)       CA, USA

58'   Johnson                  2007            $649,000 (11/18)    $595,000 (03/19)       CA, USA

56'   Johnson                  1993            $299,995 (07/19)    $245,000 (08/19)       TX, USA

56'   Johnson                  1996            $299,000 (05/17)    $264,000 (01/19)      FL, USA