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To fully appreciate what it means to own a yacht crafted by Royal Huisman you need to speak with a Huisman owner, to sail aboard their yacht, to experience their experience, and then to begin to imagine...

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Royal Huisman creates yachts that are much more than simple leisure craft. They are manifestations of highly individual aspirations and of often complex dreams.

The yard team share in that dream; bringing expertise , ideas and commitment to the realization of something totally unique - a gem that will be admired by future generations aw well as giving lasting, almost custodial, pride and satisfaction to its owner.

The creation of such a yacht is a long and painstakingly pleasurable process - nothing could be further from a production line. Nothing could be further from the mundane. Royal Huisman's craftsmen, engineers and technicians are meticulous in the application of their skills. They take pride in their inventiveness, and in their ability to combine beauty of execution with practical problem solving.

The result is an exclusive work of art that can take on the oceans of the world in total comfort and security; and one that is built to last a yacht that is rare, beyond compare