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We have spent over 50 years refining our process to build the best hulls possible: The first three layers of the hull's lamination utilize vinylester resin and E-glass. The next two layers are Kevlar from chine to chine with vinylester resins; additional layer of Kevlar in the forward collision zone (total of 3 layers) with vinylester resin. The stringers are foam cored then laid-up with 7 layers of Knytex (or Cymax). The stringer section for engine mounts are lay-up with 9 layers of Knytex (or Cymax) filled with fiberglass and resin. We tab in our athwartships stringers over the fore and aft ones, up the hull sides, and then completely glass everything in to form a unitized body. After that, it's all sanded smooth and gelcoated. The interior bilge area is PU painted. All surfaces are finished - there is no roughness or possibility of splinters even in the bilge and other inaccessible areas. The exterior hull and topside are board sanded to fare and gelcoated for the final wet sand and buff process. Hull/deck joint through-bolted every 6", sealed with 3M 5200 sealant, and glassed over with 3 layers of fiberglass. The hull sides are solid construction with 5 layers of Knytex (or Cymax). Our hulls are not cored above the waterline - they are solid all the way up to the toe rail. The superstructures are cored with high strength Core-Cell Foam. The interior soles are cored with high strength Core-Cell foam. The salon sole over the engine room with additional six inches thick to accommodate a sandwich construction of fiberglass and sound-deadening insulation.

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68'       Hampton Yachts       2005    $899,950 (03/19)   $890,000 (07/19)  FL, USA

58'       Hampton Yachts       2007    $849,000 (05/18)   $780,000 (09/19)  FL, USA

55'       Hampton Yachts       2006    $625,000 (09/19)   $597,500 (11/19)  WA, USA

55'       Hampton Yachts       2005    $649,500 (03/19)   $610,000 (06/19)  FL. USA

55'       Hampton Yachts       2006    $670,000 (05/18)   $617,000 (11/19)  FL, USA

49'       Hampton Yachts       2000    $379,000 (07/19)   $350,000 (01/20)  CA, USA