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Grand Banks Yachts began its journey in 1956 as American Marine, Ltd. Founder Robert J. Newton and his sons, John and Whit, were running a custom boatyard on Junk Bay in Hong Kong, building heavy sailboats and big motor yachts to designs by the world's top marine architects - Sparkman & Stephens, William Garden, Nat Herreshoff, Ray Hunt and others. In 1962, they commissioned Kenneth Smith, another well-known marine architect, to design Spray - a 36-foot diesel powered cruising boat with humble, workman-like lines. A year later, inspired by Smith's design, the Newtons left custom yacht building to focus on producing the first of a line of boats that would come to be known as Grand Banks. Today, this design is recognized around the world as the Grand Banks Heritage Series, an iconic design built first of wood and then, beginning in 1973, of fiberglass at a new factory in Singapore. The design was so successful, in fact, that the general styling of the GB was seized by a score of other builders for fleets of look-alike yachts sold under dozens of names. None, though, could match the quality of construction for which Grand Banks is famed. In 1993, Grand Banks took another traditional boat design - the lobster boat or "Downeast" cruiser - and definitively captured its style and spirit in the launch of the Eastbay Series. With its Ray Hunt design, teak toe rails, dark blue hull with a bright gold stripe - and a powerful pair of diesels underfoot - there was no other boat that combined ageless design and high performance like the Eastbay. In 2001, many Grand Banks owners were ready to step up to a larger and more luxurious vessel, but weren't prepared to sacrifice quality. The launch of the Aleutian Series of raised pilothouse yachts delivered with a new level of style and sophistication - along with the seaworthiness boaters have come to expect from a Grand Banks. In each series, Grand Banks has sought to capture the spirit of a nautical ideal - and combine it with state-of-the-art equipment, meticulous craftsmanship, and superior construction techniques. It is the reason Grand Banks yachts have become such icons around the world, and why they continue to meet the high standards of discerning, demanding boaters today.

64' 4
59' 2007 GRAND BANKS
58' 2004 GRAND BANKS
54' 2006 GRAND BANKS
50' 11
50' 6
49' 1999 GRAND BANKS
49' 2006 GRAND BANKS
49' 1993 GRAND BANKS
47' 1
47' 2007 GRAND BANKS
47' 2006 GRAND BANKS
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Manufacturer           Year          List Price                   Sold Price                   Location

54' Grand Banks      2005        $772,257 (06/15)      $577,071  (11/17)       NETHERLANDS

54' Grand Banks      2015        $1,895,000 (09/17)   $1,845,000 (09/17)      FL, USA

49' Grand Banks      1997         $399,900  (11/16)     $339,000 (11/17)        MI, USA

49' Grand Banks      1981         $189,000 (08/17)      $180,000 (11/17)        FL, USA

68' Grand Banks      2004         $1,044,073 (05/15)   $789,819 (10/17)        United Kingdom

59' Grand Banks      2007         $1,545,000 (08/17)   $1,525,000 (10/17)      FL, USA

54' Grand Banks      2006         $875,000 (07/17)      $690,000 (10/17)         ME, USA

49' Grand Banks      2000         $548,000 (08/17)      $448,000 (10/17)         JAPAN

49' Grand Banks      2006         $625,000 (06/17)      $575,000 (10/17)         CT, USA

47' Grand Banks      2006         $679,000 (07/17)      $639,900 (10/17)         MI, USA

46' Grand Banks      2015         $1,099,000 (06/17)   $1,000,000 (10/17)      MI, USA

46' Grand Banks      2011         $799,000 (05/17)      $750,000 (09/17)         RI, USA