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The broad based history and experience of our yard is reflected in the level of excellence we maintain from conception to completion of each yacht. Design innovations, detail, scrutiny, and exacting craftsmanship are all necessary to deliver this level of performance and finish. It is our firm belief that pride in the manufacturing of our product will result in pride and pleasure of ownership.

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We've set out to accomplish a modern ideal, not to be visionaries but to maintain respectable stature as leaders in the industry. To constantly strive to be top notch and to complete every project with the pride it deserves, and to launch every boat with the greatest sense of satisfaction. We do not like saying "we build the best", that is for our loyal customers to decide. We get personal satisfaction from knowing that our efforts lead to the finished product we can believe in. It is said that emulation is the greatest form of flattery, as we look around us today we must be doing fine. Although our original lines can be seen everywhere, to copy the ride quality and sea capability of our renowned hulls is apparently another matter entirely. Don't just take or word for it, ask those that should know.


Richard Garlington did not like the boats available at the time in the early eighties, so he decided to build his own. He asked long time friend Dan McCarthy, of USNavy submarine-design fame during the sixties and seventies, to draw a soft riding hull with a running surface that could take heavy seas while maintaining great tractability, safety, and comfort.

Thanks to our founder's vision and the dedication of our team today our custom yachts are still one of the few benchmarks in the industry.