Cranchi Yachts For Sale

Cranchi was founded in 1870 by Giovanni Cranchi in his workshop on the bank of Lake Como, Italy. The company started out building boats for the local fishermen.

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60' 2016 CRANCHI
56' 2015 CRANCHI
48' 2001 CRANCHI
48' 2005 CRANCHI
48' 2000 CRANCHI
47' 2006 CRANCHI
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43' 2008 CRANCHI
33' 2005 CRANCHI

In 1932 Giovanni Cranchi's grandson purchased a factory, to set up his own boatyard, and he began building his first boats.

After the war, Cranchi wooden models became very popular. The company expanded rapidly, and by the 1990 Cranchi had become one of Italy’s best-known

Cranchi's are built in state-of-the-art facilities in Piantedo and San Giorgio, Italy.
Cranchi’s were first imported into the US market in the late 1990s. As sales increased, the company established a factory office in Ft. Lauderdale (no longer in operation).