Cheoy Lee Yachts For Sale

Cheoy Lee has been in the boat building business for over a century although present-day operations go back to 1936 when production facilities were moved from Shanghai to Hong Kong. Cheoy Lee began building wooden sailing yachts in 1955, and pioneered in the production of fiberglass boats in the early 1960s. Family-owned for many generations, Cheoy Lee’s main office is located in Hong Kong. (Their yard is on Lantau Island, a remote spot accessible only by boat.) Based in Fort Lauderdale, FL, Cheoy Lee Shipyards North America is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Hong Kong–based parent company. Always having strong ties to the United States, which has remained a major trading partner for nearly fifty years, the company has delivered nearly 5,000 vessels to date.

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LOA      Manufacturer        Year          List Price                   Sold Price           Location

72'        Cheoy Lee            2017    $3,580,000 (03/17)  $3,095,000 (01/19)   FL, USA

66'        Cheoy Lee            1983    $395,000 (06/18)     $385,000 (09/19)      NC, USA

65'        Cheoy Lee            2002    $785,000 (07/18      $715,000 (10/19)      BC, CA

63'        Cheoy Lee            1986    $279,000 (06/19)     $259,000 (08/19)      CA, USA

61'        Cheoy Lee            2003    $749,000 (02/19)     $700,000 (10/19)      CA, USA

52'        Cheoy Lee            1991    $263,500 (02/19)     $245,000 (05/19)      FL, USA