Cape Horn Yachts For Sale

FOAM-FILLED BULLETPROOF HULLS – We talk a lot about the strength, wood-free design and the thickness of our hulls. Another key factor in our legendary ride is pressure filling every inch of empty space in the hull with closed cell foam. The foam quiets the ride, adds stiffness to the hull and makes every Cape Horn absolutely unsinkable. How many boats can make that claim?

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SOFT ENTRY BOW – Another Cape Horn first. After 30 years of hands-on, real life testing and thousands of miles of running into heavy seas, we found exactly what it takes for the softest entry and driest ride. A proprietary designed cutwater helps smooth out the bumps while the reverse chines direct any spray down and away from the hull. Increased speed and fuel economy are a result.

LIGHT, FAST, SAFE – With a unique construction process, Cape Horn is unlike any other. Our sculpted process prevents us from ever mass producing these boats, but mass production is not part of our agenda. This process is slow and contributes to our limited production, but guarantees an all-composite boat that will out last its owner.

FAST DRAINING COCKPITS – Self-bailing hulls help water exit quickly by design with oversized scuppers. Say good-bye to wet feet the others provide while also being easier to clean after a trip to the islands.