Burger Yachts For Sale

Burger Boat Company, founded in 1863, has a long tradition of constructing an extensive variety of vessels to meet the highest expectations. Burger designs and builds custom yachts made of aluminum and/or steel in a community known for extraordinarily skilled professional shipbuilders who take great pride in the quality of their work. Each employee is a practitioner of traditional disciplines, yet is eager to embrace meaningful innovations dedicated to providing you with exquisite craftsmanship that reflects your personal style, while seamlessly integrating state-of-the-art technology. Burger employees continuously demonstrate the company’s core values: integrity, honesty and commitment. Commitment to these values is what fosters trust in Burger, from the beginning of the process until long after delivery. As a result, every Burger is a reflection of the passion and loyalty each employee has for its customers. The Burger Design Team works with many of the world’s most respected designers and naval architects to create exceptional custom built yachts and commercial vessels. Burger designs and builds custom yachts and commercial vessels that set the highest standards for safety, reliability and quality of fit and finish. In addition, Burger offers a comprehensive array of services including: custom furniture design and construction; specialty metal and joinery fabrications; refit, repair and maintenance. The shipyard is a short distance from the local airport making it easily accessible by private jet. Commercial airline service is available from Chicago, Illinois and Milwaukee or Green Bay, Wisconsin. Burger is also easily reached via limousine or the waterways of the Great Lakes.

102' 1998 BURGER
101' 4
86' 1986 BURGER
86' 1987 BURGER
75' 1958 BURGER
75' 1969 BURGER
72' 1976 BURGER
68' 1968 BURGER
64' 1966 BURGER
57' 1963 BURGER


Manufacturer           Year            List Price                    Sold Price                  Location

151' BURGER MY     2009    $27,500,000 (8/14)     $27,500,000 (5/17)      FL,USA

78'   BURGER MY     1981     $285,000 (12/16)        $220,000 (5/17)          FL, USA

72'   BURGER MY     1973     $279,000 (6/16)          $250,000 (5/17)          FL, USA

65'   BURGER MY     1959      $80,000 (2/16)            $39,000 (3/17)           CA, USA

85'   BURGER MY     1965      $319,000 (2/15)          $280,000 (2/17)         WA, USA

80'   BURGER MY     1973      $329,000 (3/15)          $260,000 (2/17)         FL, USA

64'   BURGER MY     1968      $99,900 (12/16)          $77,500 (2/17)           MD, USA