Steve Deane

Steve Deane's long range interest in the marine industry started after he built his first boat at the age of 14. Out of necessity, he also learned house construction because the finished vessel was too wide to remove from his parents cellar and he was forced to modify the house to be able to remove the boat...His planning skills have improved from those early years!

After graduation from college with a business degree and three years military service in Europe, the following 18 years in the ski industry, living and sailing out of Marblehead and Manchester, Mass. finally led him to South Florida in 1987. From his arrival in Florida, brokerage and the overseeing of custom construction and delivery of offshore world cruisers has been the natural continuation of those early boatbuilding years, and the understanding of design, function, and engineering of proper yachts has been an asset to his sales skills.

Matching the true intended use and the desires of the potential boat owner with the correct yacht is always a challenge for all brokers....If you view your next vessel purchase as a potentially difficult one, a conversation and meeting with Steve will simplify and help you to stay focused and better understand that important and rewarding choice.