Parker Bogue

Born outside of Detroit, Parker's initial introduction to the ocean came in the form of a family vacation to Hope Town, Abaco in 1960. From that point on Parker proclaimed..., "Katie Bar the Door."

Working for a sailboat dealership in Mamaroneck, New York at 15 years old, he learned the trade from "underneath the keel". After college, Parker joined the Navy and served 4 years as Navigator on a variety of ships including an Aircraft Carrier, a Fleet Tug and a Fast Frigate, largely all in the South Pacific.

He made his way to Miami in 1976 and took a post with the Hatteras dealership on the Miami River. Starting in the Service Department, he asked for (and received) a chance to work the Fort Lauderdale Boat Show as a Salesman.

Be it a Blessing or a Curse, he sold a new Hatteras straight away and has not looked back since. His career has taken him to those few locations the Navy did not (and some). Speaking Spanish has helped him negotiate delicate transactions from Panama to Brazil.

While hardly unskilled in the HighTech World of Internet marketing, his preference is an approach that is a bit more "hands on". Clients through the years have shown appreciation through consistent referrals. Strong Trade associations and large number of industry friends have shaped his networking business plan. "It seems to fill in the gaps left by Internet and more static National Magazine advertising," says Parker.

Parker resides with his wife "Kiki" in Miami where he has lived since 1976. His Listings are Largely those of Long Term Clients with the prevailing likelihood that he sold the vessel at Least once before.