Jason Dunbar

Jason Dunbar was introduced to the marine industry while working in an Ohio boatyard through high school and while attending Heidelberg College where he earned two bachelor's degrees. In 1992 he moved to Florida and began working at the Miami Beach Marina as a yacht broker and licensed captain.

In 1996, Jason moved to Ft. Lauderdale to work for Luke Brown Yachts & Andrew Cilla, affording him the opportunity to work with a wide range of yacht sizes, both sail and power. The yachting industry has enabled Jason to become familiar with the waters of the Americas, Caribbean, and Europe.

Selling and operating yachts has kept Jason close to many of the people that contribute services to the yachting industry. Like all yacht brokers at Luke Brown Yachts, he aggressively works to provide ethical and fair service to the customers that make Florida the yachting capital of the World.

Legislative Work
In 2008 Jason and colleagues in the FYBA and MIASF spearheaded the legislative change in the Florida tax code on the sale of yachts. In March 2010, he testified in front of the Florida Senate on behalf of the Florida Yacht Brokers Association, Marine Industries Association Florida and the Marine Industries Association of South Florida. In June of 2010, the Florida legislature capped sales and use tax at $18,000.

In 2014 Jason was asked to lead the legislative affairs team at the IYBA, spearheading Federal changes to the US duty and importation of yachts in the United States. By 2015, the IYBA had a bipartisan bill in the House of representatives eliminating the 1.5% US duty on yachts entering America. The bill has yet to be brought to the Senate floor.

Expert Witness & Court Appraisals
Jason's study of yachts began in 1993. Using more than 20 years of personal sales data, and the Luke Brown Yachts' proprietary database on the engineering and selling prices of yachts, he has been hired as expert witness and testified on the value of yachts in several State and Federal Court rooms.

"In the 33 years that I have owned this firm I have never witnessed a broker who has worked harder or done more for the marine industry than Jason Dunbar."
- Andrew Cilla, Past President, Luke Brown Yachts

"If it weren't for Jason Dunbar's vision, tenacity, and political acumen, I do not believe the Florida State Legislature would have ever passed the sales tax cap on yachts."
- Bob Saxon, International Yacht Collection, past Executive Director Florida Yacht Brokers

  • Credentials
  • Licensed Florida Yacht Broker
  • Certified Professional Yacht broker
  • Marine Industries Association of South Florida Board Member 2010-2012
  • Chairman of Government Relations, 2010-2012
  • Florida Yacht Brokers Association Board Member 2006-2014
  • USCG Licensed Captain 1994-2016
  • Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practices Certified