Derek Jarman

Derek Jarman is our man in Europe, (and other foreign places!) that the faint hearted do not venture too readily. A marine engineer by trade, Derek has a background of marine machinery trials and development before engaging in several years of shipyard management in the Far East. Returning to his roots area of the Solent, UK (birthplace of yachting to some) he progressed his career in Project Management before colliding with the Luke Brown team via a new build yacht project he was managing in Taiwan, yet another foreign location!. This was Derek's introduction to Brokerage over 10 years ago. His background includes yacht work in China, Taiwan, Turkey, Egypt, Spain, Brunei and of course UK. Since then Derek has successfully managed to bridge the gap between the nuts and bolts of the industry and the sleek end of brokerage. Derek's forte is in understanding a clients heart felt 'want' of a yacht that is going to achieve with minimal pain in the pocket, whilst maintaining the dream of yacht ownership. Refits and new builds are his specialty, which enables him to recognize and assist clients to target the best options for their very personal yachting needs. Derek provides a very valuable Consultant/Broker service to our clients.