Alan Bernard

Alan has a long attachment to the maritime world. He has lived in many seacoast towns on both the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans. Currently residing in Newport, Rhode Island with his wife and two sons, he finds it necessary and interesting to travel with his clients, and to keep a grasp of the yachting market in different parts of the World. He spends much of his time in Fort Lauderdale and travels annually to foreign countries. He has attended boat shows in several different countries.

Having a background in professional sales with IBM, studied engineering and having been a yacht captain for thirty+ years, has given Alan the experience to service a client's needs in the yacht brokerage business. Alan works both the motoryacht and sail market. Determining how a client will use their boat is all important. Guiding the client to make the right decision to reach their goals and requirements is what the business is all about.

The yachting world is changing faster and faster. Designers, builders and naval architects are constantly on the cusp of new innovations. 25 years ago, no one would have thought boats could be doing what is now almost a standard expectation, regarding seakeeping capabilities, stability, speed and fuel efficiency. Hull designs are radically changing for the better. The "Green" & "Hybrid" generation is here. Diesel/Electrical power is here. These are exciting times and yachting is offering more opportunities to its owners than ever before.

Yachting means many different things to different people. Balancing the enjoyment of owning and using a yacht with the confidence of knowing that the deal was properly structured and financially sound, is crucial. Alan tends to continue servicing his clients for years after the sale. Clients constantly need to have someone that can assist with various issues, usually on short notice. Having the ability to solve problems quickly builds confidence and is of great importance. He feels that brokering is a consulting job, not a sales job, and if done properly, the sales will follow and friendships and loyalty will be established.