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For over 130 years, BENETEAU has been searching for increasingly innovative solutions to develop high performing, robust and environmentally friendly boats for a wide public. Pioneers in the use and implementation of new materials, the R&D engineers and technicians work towards continuous progress and improvement. They develop technology that meets the increasing demands of design, practicality and quality. Since the structure of boats is constantly subjected to external stresses, it is of huge strategical importance to have expertise in composites as well as their implementation. In often complicated assemblies, materials must have a number of intrinsic qualities and maintain them, to stand the test of time in very varied environments. The group has a laboratory that carries out in-depth tests to achieve irreproachable quality. Beneteau has unique experience combined with own-developed structural engineering tools and this has made it a leader in this field. Excelling in the distribution of material, they can build boats that are both light and strong.

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                                    RECENTLY SOLD BENETEAU SAILBOATS

LOA  MANUFACTURER         YEAR            LIST PRICE          SOLD PRICE           LOCATION

57'    BENETEAU               2009        $379,000 (12/17)   $369,000 (01/20)      NC, USA

57'    BENETEAU               2006        $449,000 (07/19)   $400,000 (11/19)      CT, USA

55'    BENETEAU               2017        $679,000 (04/18)   $650,000 (08/19)      CA, USA

55'    BENETEAU               2015        $399,000 (06/18)   $385,000 (09/19)      LA, USA

54'    BENETEAU               2009        $245,000 (06/19)   $218,000 (08/19)      MD, USA

52'    BENETEAU               2008        $249,500 (06/19)   $225,000 (11/19)      MD, USA

50'    BENETEAU               1999        $184,900 (08/19)   $160,000 (12/19)      MI, USA