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In the new Baglietto shipyard, great space and importance will be dedicated to the refitting services. Thanks to its Refit and Repair Hub, provided with a highly specialized department entirely dedicated to this type of activity, each project will be followed from start to finish.

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All this is made possible by state of the art technologies and a technical staff at the ship owners’ disposal, all year around. Highly qualified professionals, ranging from electronic engineers to expert craftsmen, capable of fulfilling any type of operation, on any ship or yacht and all their components.

The facility can also count on Baglietto’s historical database, for any type of information on all kinds of ships and yachts built by Baglietto since its first founding. These can be also used as reference for materials and spare parts.

Perfectly aligned with the original spirit of the brand and with its prestigious tradition, the shipyard’s Refit and Repair unit offers a wide range of services. An out-and-out REFIT BY BAGLIETTO quality trademark.